Test Ios Apps On Linux

In the past I’d use a Mac when I needed to test iOS apps on a jailbroken device due to getting an error in Linux about needing to mount an Apple Developer Disk image when trying to use Frida and Objection on Ubuntu or Kali to test an iOS device:

frida-ps -U
Failed to enumerate processes: this feature requires an iOS Developer Disk Image to be mounted; run Xcode briefly or use ideviceimagemounter to mount one manually

Here I’ve outlined the steps to download the Apple Developer Disk image, mount the image on Ubuntu/Kali, and run some tools including taking a screenshot of the device.

Install the necessary tools:

sudo apt-get install libimobiledevice usbmuxd

Download the appropriate developer disk image.

Extract the files, then mount the disk image:

ideviceimagemounter -t Developer DeveloperDiskImage.dmg DeveloperDiskImage.dmg.signature

Check to ensure the disk image was mounted:

ideviceimagemounter -l

Take a device screenshot:

idevicescreenshot [OPTIONS] [FILE]

Happy Hacking!

Written on December 2, 2020