Pick Your News Channel Pick Your Indoctrination

This post isn’t about saying that those that subscribe to any one political party and it’s view are wrong. It’s about the fact that there no longer seems to be any center of it all. The left and right are getting spun outwards from the center by the centrifugal force that is the news media.

It makes my head feel like it’s going to explode when I watch the major news outlets. I miss the old days when news was presented factually and without political bias and let the consumer decide. Today’s news is not much more than talking heads and opinion presented as fact.

In regards to politics, there are two types of thinkers. One is the ‘scientist’. A scientist questions every assumption and operates on facts and logic. Nothing is taken at face value. The other is the ‘lawyer’. The lawyer takes reality and facts and spins them to fit their narrative. The lawyer uses emotion and can’t be swayed by facts. Unfortunately it seems today that many more people are ‘lawyers’. They pick their news outlets based on their way of thinking and accept the headlines and news bites and question none of it.

One example is an exchange that I had on social media. Somebody I follow on FaceBook posted something which was inflammatory and linked to a news article. I followed the link and read the full article. It became painfully obvious that this person never bothered to read the article past the headline and maybe the first paragraph. Further down the page the article completely contradicted the headline, as in the headline was an obvious lie. Too late, the damage was done to all of the lawyers who’ll operate under the assumptions formed from the headline. I tactfully replied to the poster with a carefully worded response so as to avoid offending the poster who was a relative. I simply asked if they had read the article and explained that it contradicted itself and that the event outlined by the title never happend. I was roasted. I was unable to carry on a dialog meant to exchange ideas and open minds. The followers of this poster, all lawyers of course, couldn’t debate on facts and I was simply disrepected and called bad names.

The news of today isn’t meant to inform, it’s designed to indoctrinate. Pick your political party and it virtually owns one or more news outlets who conform to the party line. Let’s face it, if the news was all about puppies and rainbows they would go out of business. They get clicks and ad views by posting inflammatory media designed to spin us up, make us angry and get us to the polls, ultimately turning us against our friends, family, and neighbors. Since the last election friendships have been lost and families broken over vitriol consumed from these indoctrination centers of influence and regurgitated on social media and around dinner tables at Thanksgiving.

We can’t solve this by regulating the news any more than we can force politicians to stop lying. I believe in our Constitutional rights, regardless if that right may offend me or if I don’t agree with something that arises from it. The only answer is for more people to become scientists and question everything.

Most of all, stop spreading hate and accept that we are all different and have different views. It doesn’t make us evil because we don’t agree on immigration policy or gun control. I would hate to live in a world where everyone were just like me. There wouldn’t be any appreciation for art. The artists, while they may abhor guns and war, need policemen and soldiers to protect their way of life, freedom, and safety. We should be embracing our differences and seeking to understand other points of view instead of gravitating towards a mirror of our views. Only then can we find common ground and make positive change instead of letting those that are spinning outward to the far left or right make the decisions for us. Otherwise, I fear that the United States of America is spinning like a centrifuge and ultimately heading for civil war.

Written on March 7, 2019